State of the Forum March 2013


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First let me remind everyone, this is a ZERO tolerance forum, please keep this in mind.
If a member behaves badly he will be censured.
Any member who misbehaves or disrespects the staff members has our express permission to not log in again.

The internet is the great equalizer, no one knows who you are or what you look like.
If you are an eighty year old man and say you are a twenty year old woman we will not know any different.
This is a very friendly, polite forum where we all agree to treat each other with respect.
This is not one of those forums where people fear to post because others tear into them for expressing their views or opinions.
This will NEVER be one of those places, if a member cannot treat others respectfully they can consider themselves invited to leave.

Here is something to keep in mind regarding this and all other forums.
Until the advent of computers human interaction involved body language, vocal tone and intensity.
On a forum all we have is your words, we cannot hear a joking or teasing tone, we cannot hear anger or pleasure in your voice.
We cannot see you grin or grimace remember the John Wayne quote "smile when you say that pilgrim" ?
Because we can't see you smile we don't know you are joking, if your words seem angry then to us they are angry.
If you say something in jest and it gets taken out of context review how you said it, throw in a smiley or something else to let us know you are joking.

Most of us are grown men here and we can take it as well as dish it out, speaking for myself "I can take a joke" it's ok to screw with me but I have to know you are just screwing with me.
When we have not had a chance to get to know someone we don't know if you are screwing with us, playing devils advocate, or just being an ass.
Give us a chance to get to know you.

I see no problem with C_Carsons comment where she called two members "boys" she is a female who was speaking to two males using humor to tone down what could have been said in a much harsher way.
If you took it in any other context, the problem is yours not hers.
When C_Carson was called "sweetie" by one of those members she did not take offense at that openly sexist remark.
I personally thought it demeaning for her to be spoken to that way by a new member especially when he did know her screen name.
However she is a GIRL fully capable of taking care of herself, and if she wasn't offended enough to say something neither was I.
When anyone seems to be speaking angrily they will be asked to calm down by her or another moderator.
You are not the first nor will you be the last to be asked to calm down.

To address other staff concerns.
Fordnut is a longtime friend of the forum.
He has been here from the beginning.
He has done much to promote this community.
He is at every ShootzenFest cooking and helping out.
He is a genuinely great guy but we all have limits.
Push me hard enough and I will push back.

Keep in mind our staff are as human as you are, they are not unfeeling uncaring robots.
If you have a problem you cannot resolve with them via pm feel free to contact Frost or Pops.
You may not see us much but we are here, we are here for YOU.
We don't maintain this forum for our egos, God knows we don't do it for the money, we do it because we see a genuine need for this place.

There have been recent threats to undermine this forum via our sponsors and or a spin off forum.
We cannot stop you from creating your own forum but you should keep a simple fact in mind, this forum runs deeply in the red.
We make no money at all, we expend a lot of time for negative dollars.
Every penny from the sponsors plus money from our pockets goes to fund ShootzenFest.

We are looking into other software but until just recently Internet Brands (the people who own V-Bulletin) have been involved in a law suit.
V-Bulletin is not what it once was, their development team put the hasta-la-bag-ass on it after the company was sold.
From what we can tell it is buggy as hell with poor support.

That development team that quit en-mass has come out with very promising software we are very interested in.
We have been waiting to see what the outcome of the lawsuit was as we did not want to invest money and more importantly our time into a product that might disappear.
Further we don't want to burden you the members with ever-changing forum software.
We will be posting more on this at a later time.

We are as secure from spammers as most forums.
While some get through far more don't get through keep in mind these guys evolve faster than the counter measures.
They are much better at what they do than they were just a year ago.
The registration process can only be so complex before it becomes such a chore that no one will register.
We have found questions to be as good or better than the other methods out there, rest assured we have used other methods.
We use fairly simple questions, I could require the solving of complex equations but then I would not know if the answer was correct myself. :)
I take the blame for not keeping the questions rotating often enough.
I always need new questions, please feel free to pm me some new ones.
Please keep them firearm and South Carolina oriented as much as possible.
(I really do want you to send me questions)

Raver, Pops, and I have been involved with forums for a lot of years, Pops and I are both computer professionals.
We truly appreciate the offers of help from some of you.
The day may come that we take you up on that offer, for now we think we are doing well enough.
We have been partially hacked once and the problem was swiftly resolved by Pops.
Pops is good at his job but so are the hackers.
We are in good company with this, I ask you to remember when Symantec got hacked (the people who write Norton Anti-Virus) what did you think when the State of SC got hacked.
Microsoft and Oracle have been hacked as well, how about all those banks?
Personally I think we do pretty damn good considering we have a negative dollar budget.

One last thing to be addressed and I will be done.
We are all human beings here although on the internet one can't be sure, Pops might be a Super Computer out in California somewhere.
From time to time we all say and do things we regret, we know this and tend to be tolerant of it up to a point.
We do not have dedicated politics section here as political debates tend to get heated in a hurry.
We do not forbid political discussion but neither do we encourage it.
This is a firearm forum, not a place to jump on a soapbox and beat your drum.
There is a standing policy for the staff to overlook things until they get heated then to keep the peace at all costs.
This is not a warning nor is it a threat and it applies evenly across the board to all members.
Anyone who behaves badly, disrupts the harmony of this forum, or disrespects a member of the staff will be asked to calm down and if they don't they are subject to being summarily banned.

THIS IS OUR HOUSE and I will not see it burned down in a flame war.


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Take a look at this and remember it the next time you feel like we get a bunch of spammers.



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For future reference, if I ever type or post anything that violates the rules of this forum it was because my account was compromised by a Spam Bot and I cannot be held accountable.

Would you like to buy a Versace handbag at discount prices?


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Are you able to source the origin of the Spambot registries?

Like, are they brute-force registering from China or are they zombie computers from the US?


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The bulk come from China.
We are banning them by IP.
Part of the problem is some of them are real people not scripts so they get past the captcha regardless.


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I just want to thank the mods/owners for the job they do here. I appreciate it. And I really appreciate the update. Many board execs wouldn't take the time you did to write your message.


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Forum founders and moderators
Thanks for the great job you do with the forum
I love this place and it has been the source of several new friendships



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Frost said:
The bulk come from China.
We are banning them by IP.
Part of the problem is some of them are real people not scripts so they get past the captcha regardless.

Is there a way to do a blanket ban from all IP ranges in Asia?


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Put a sniffer on your home router. It is amazing to see how many Chinese IP addresses that are trying to get into your system as we speak.


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I appreciate all that you guys do & have been impressed with how well the majority of our members get along and afford each other mutual respect.

Thanks for the great experience that you guys work so hard to maintain here.
Jeff (enjoying this community since '09!!!)


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Midnight Raver said:
It's a place I am proud to call home as well, always wanted a big family! :cool:

Glad you want to pick this group as a surrogate family. You're always welcome down here where the Ashley and Cooper Rivers meet to form the Atlantic Ocean. :D

Midnight Raver

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Tigerstripe said:
Midnight Raver said:
It's a place I am proud to call home as well, always wanted a big family! :cool:

hey pop, can i have some money?

It seems that Tigerstripe has a hankering for getting the switch behind the woodshed! :lol:

Seriously though, any and all requests about Forum sponsorxhip should be PMed to Pops. Other than that, we are more than happy to be here for the Forumer family so far. :cool:


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No offense folks but this place is anemic! Not much action or conversation. Any ideas on how can it be improved?