stainless AR Barrel


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i have a 18inch White Oak ss barrel and im not crazy about the bright ss for coyote hunting,i've looked at the do it your self kits and i'm not sure if i would not be better off to let somebody that knows what there doing do it.this is a nice rifle and i'd want the barrel to look perfect once coated.but if anybody knows of a do it your self coating kit thats very easy to apply and looks good and is durrible please let me know think i'd like to go with satin grey or something close(i do have all the tools to remove the barrel)


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Get it bead blasted first, then you'll have an opportunity to decide if you like the finish, or you want to paint it... since it was bead-blasted, you should get better paint adhesion if you decide to go further.



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Heat shrink tubing, it comes in various colors too. Seriously I use some on one of my stainless 22LR suppressors from time to time when hunting.
Simple DIY and you can just cut it off if you're tired of the look or it gets beat up w/o any harm to that nice WO barrel.

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Take the barrel off and bring it to me with $20. I will duracoat it black for you. Problem solved.