Spring for a 22 rifle


Where could I find a recoil spring for a Marlin 22 rifle?
It's a Glenn Field 75.
Numrich does not have them in stock.


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could be wrong but i think the glenfield loads from a box type mag as opposed to the tube on the 60


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The model 75 and 60 are similar and both load from a tube magazine, the 75's is a little shorter than the 60's. The Glenfield designation was stamped on alot of Marlin models and was dropped in about 1982.

Like fordnut said try gunbroker, and also maybe contact Marlin and see if the spring is the same in any other model. That would open your options a little.


I found my spring, it cost me $10.
I painted the rifle, refinished the wood and bought a new set of rings for it.
Now all I need to do is test fire it and get a new scope for it.

Thanks for the help guys.


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Well come on show it off. :mrgreen: