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Yup we did.
I and the staff delete spammers every day.
Most of the time it just happens so early you don't see them.
Pops, myself, and the moderators log into the forum multiple times a day checking for them.
We have blocked more IP addresses than you might believe, it has reached the point we are using wildcards to block them.
They just keep coming though.
The best thing to do it just ignore the spammers, they will be dealt with as soon as they are seen.

When they are live people and not bots it is damn near impossible to stop them.
Sadly spam accounts now have value.
Somewhere in a depressed part of the world some poor sap is sitting at a computer creating spam accounts all day long.
He then sells them for a fraction of a cent each but when the average weekly pay is $5 he probably lives pretty good.

We can make the captcha (the letters you have to identify) system harder to read.
However we have been discussing switching to a question based system for joining the forum.
Instead being asked to identify the letters in a block you will be asked a question.
It could be something like "What is the Capital of our state?" or what is the real name of the Holy City.
Both are easy questions if you live in this state but to a furriner not so much...

Failing that manual registration is the ultimate answer but I don't like to delay people from being able to use the forum.
I am against manual registration for as long as possible.


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Seems like anywhere you go anymore on the web to sign up for something there are captchas, It's become the norm anymore. Although not a bad idea I think the question setup would have to be somewhat simple seeing that nowadays our educational system is not what it was and some might not know answers without going to look it up.


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I'd like to see every movie made for the next 20 years include a scene where some dweeb identifies himself as a spammer, and hero character kicks him in the balls and throws them out of an airplane or into a wood chipper.
Sort of a thinly veiled metaphorical communication to the spammers saying just what we think of them.



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