Source of clean water


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Looks like to actually filter sediment etc you get a little pre-filter doodad to attach to it...everything is sold seperately these days. However, UV bulb itself (not the battery charge unfortunately) lasts enough to do 3 bottles a day for 9 years.

Might be a good Christmas present for me to ask from the wife. I've currently got standard purification tablets and rudimentary filters. I need to upgrade so when my fresh water stash runs out I can get clean water somehow.


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From what Coppertone tells us, you should be able to put the water out in the sun for an hour and kill everything in it. Isn't there a tad bit of irony in using a solar panel to charge a UV light?


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that camelback system looks great but they say 2 things that suggest it isnt the best.

"clean water source"

"micro biologicly un pure water" as opposed to just un pure water.

so, what about water contaminated with say, lead or any heavy metal, radiation, salt, etc.


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I've seen distilled water arrangements made from ordinary kitchen gadgets. Take a pot, put your water in it, then place a pan for bundt cakes or angel food cakes (the ones with the tubes in the middle) on top of it and put a bowl on top of that that is small enough so the edges are over the cake pan. The tube in the cake pan directs most of the steam up to the bowl and the distilled water will collect in the cake pan.

That said a berkey is the next thing on my list of must haves.