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Re: Ruger Old Army SS Blackpowder 45 Cal. Revolver $425

don't want to rain on your parade but they sell at Bud's for $384 new
just bought my son one a few months back
really nice gun
Re: Ruger Old Army SS Blackpowder 45 Cal. Revolver $425

Not at all, I just limited my research to Gunbroker.. I'll check out Buds to confirm.. Thanks for the head's up!

Some addiitonal research was in order;

The Blued and Stainless models were discontinued in 2008
This one was made in 1989/1990 time frame

Buds Does have the blued Adjustable and Fixed sight models listed for $384, but they are no longer in stock/available.
No listing for a Stainless version popped up but it was a quick search. Normally Stainless has a bit of a price premium attached to it. $30-50 would not be uncommon.

On GB, Blued unfired are asking in the $500-650 range now, and Used SS models are asking $425+ on the buy it nows... There are legitimate bids being placed on SS models days out of the deadline, for $400-425 already.. so based on active bids, on that one site, it appears the market price may be at that point or higher.

Based on the other details too numerous to type out, it sounds more like you stumbled on a good deal, that was lower than market. You definitely did well with your purchase.


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