Black Rifles Sog 4 Prong


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Any seen, use, have or have one for sale?

I am really having difficulty selecting a flash hider for my 300 blkout build. Any comments on this would be appreciated.


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Most of us use a suppressor. I have a basic A2 FH on mine but it's really just a thread protector.
There should be 4 or 5 Blackouts at ShootzenFest so you could see first hand what folks have mounted in the way of flash hiders.


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I've got a plain old standard flash hider on mine, but its an off-the-shelf CMMG unit.....

My supressor is still a few months out.. but it is slowly moving in my direction.. :)

I'll be a little more choosey when I start my 300 Blk SBR build.... right now, my upper is plain vanilla..

I personally like the aftermarket "Vortex" style or spiraled ones, if I was looking at an AAC suppressor, I'd consider their models that act as quick-connects for cans..