So I told my home Church about the move today


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Nov 9, 2011
North of North Chuck, South of Scummerville
toughest job in the church is the music guy.

where you moving to/from?

change is good in a church. lets people know you are flexible, and the church is not "owned" by a group or clique.

two things are extremely important to humans:
security & change.
we want our jobs secure, but we want our pay to change,
we want our friendships secure, but we want to meet new & exciting people (who will loan us large caliber weapons)

think about everything in your life, and imagine if you want it be secure (read: stagnant) or change (read: fear of the unknown)

change is the essence of growth & life.

pray about it. Gods not the God of confusion. He has a plan from eternity past for you.