So how did the shoot go?

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Went great! Talked to Lisa today and she was happy as a pig in slop. She posted pics to her personal facebook and the page for the palmetto glock girl shootout page. I got married sat and very much hung over sunday so I didnt make it out but she said it was a blast and they had about 101 entries in the diff classes.


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What an event!
We had pretty much all new RO's that had never ran a GSSF event to train and get up to speed. We set up a practice match Tuesday (at Pallmeto Gun Club) last for gals that had never shot before or, just wanted a taste of what was to come.

Friday morning we sat up three stages at the B.E.L.T. Range. Had to do some tweaking but it worked out OK.

Saturday was "Trial-by-Fire Day." Everyone made a few mistakes (operators & shooters alike) and we got off to a good start. Lunch was provided by B.E.L.T. Range for free and GLOCK provided enough guns for those gals that either wanted to try a different one or, hadn't brought a gun yet. We several reshoots do to various conditions that either didn't satisfy the RO's or just faulty equipment.

Saturday (shooting started about 9:10am) is usually the heavy day with the most shooters and that proved to be true then too. We had folks from as far away as NJ and TX I believe. Massb Ayoob, of Lethal Force Institute was on hand as well. He took many pictures and will write an article for a GLOCK Report News Letter about our event later in the year. Shooting ceased around 7pm I believe.

Sunday started with a RO Briefing to hash our some issues and we had a pretty light turnout but it consisted of gun fire all day. We wrapped it up just a little after 3 pm.

Shooters prelims results were posted on GSSF site the next day!

We had everything from a total beginner to some very advanced shooters. They shot just about every gun GLOCK mades I think. Some had shot GSSF Matches before while others had not clue what kind of fun the were getting into. After shooting through one category, several headed back to register for more and ended up spending the day shooting and having fun.

The guys just maintained safety on the range and keep the flow going. I don't know when I have ever had more fun! Watching a competitor gruel through a stage and come back for more, leaving with wide bright, smiles on their faces. I think this match did more for our 2nd amendment rights than anything I have every been a part of. Many of these gals left the range knowing they had just done something they had earlier thought they would never do, and had fun doing it! Many a Ro had to take the time to assist in getting the proper grip, trigger pull, and sight alignment.

GSSF Rep, Scotty Banks was everywhere helping out too. Cindy, the GSSF score recorder gathered scoresheets and singlehandedly got 'em all done and on the site in lighting speed. Cought her later in the day Sunday ringing the plate rack too!

Without the behind the scenes help of all that pitched in, I doubt this would have been the success it was. We made a little history there I think, and I hope it will continue across the country!


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Congrats! Sounds like it was a wonderful event. I hope some of the folks from there can come out & join us for Shootzenfest.