Smith and Wesson 1500


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Decent shape could use reblewing on the barrel. Real nice barsko scope. About 30 rounds fo ammo to go with as well. Asking $375


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LOL :) yeah, and some scope details might add to the appeal. ...

Unfortunately, I have one exactly like it, same caliber and all, but it carries the Mossberg label...

Its actually a Howa Action, the same one used to make the Weatherby Vanguards when Howa Japan was making the actions for Weatherby. I'm sure there were a few additional perks to the Weatherby variant, but I know mine is still a nice, slick-shooting action.

Most people don't associate Smith And Wesson with rifles(or Mossberg for that matter), until more recently. So if that was confusing anyone, I figured I'd throw out those details to help. :)

Good luck!



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Yeah Howa made all these rifles for s&w and then mossberg and others and currently I believe they have started making some under their own name.
Great gun no matter who's name is on it though!
The scope is 3-12X50 barska illuminated scope.