Slowfire uppers for SWD 11/9 subguns?


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Anyone have any experience with any of the slowfire uppers (Lage, etc...) for the SWD 11/9 submachine gun? I have a gun pending transfer (still waiting on the Form 3 to my dealer to clear, then another 5-6 months or so for the Form 4), and was considering the Lage MAX-11 and the .22LR conversion for it... All the online research I've done is very positive, but would really like to hear from someone who has some actual trigger time with one.


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I have them both and would highly recommend both. With the Lage upper I think it shoots better than the Uzi. If you're in the Charleston area may we can get together and I can let you try them out.



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Thanks for the info, haven't been down that way in a long time, but I might have to take you up on that offer.... Do you have a recommendation for a 9mm suppressor for it? I have a .22 Silencerco Sparrow pending transfer too (Form 4 sent July 15, so maybe I'll get it by Christmas), figured it would be OK for the .22 conversion....


The Lage upper is really a sweet upgrade and it smooths out the 'lil buzz gun to a point where it's almost (not quite) as nice as the MP5.
The Evo is a good can, I'm cheap and run a Bowers CAC9 on my M10, M16/9 & 300 Blkout.

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The MAC with the lage and .22 cal belonged to GarandMan. I shot it quite a bit - It was great.

I've never heard anything bad about the lage upppers and all the ones I've fired worked great. The coolest thing with this combo is when you put a red-dot on top and watch the rounds impact while you're still actually aiming...



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The Lage upper and .22 conversion are both must-have. I would highly recommend getting the Max11 upper with the 'tactical bolt' upgrade....this will increase the ROF to around 700-750 rpm. The stock Max11 bolt is slow at around 550 rpm. I'm actually now considering a speed bolt which is apprx 900 rpm.
The .22 conversion is a hoot. Get on the list now, the wait is up around 9-10 months for these. I have the conversion for the Max upper....if doing it over I would opt for the regular M11 conversion (easier to keep subsonic), but I'm about 3 months into the wAit for one of these and will just keep both.

I highly recommend a TM SG suppressor. It is very quiet considering the platform. It's also big, but blow back is non existent and it's quiet. Looks cool too, IMO. I will say that the GT Multimount is not a great match for the gun since there is a lot of gas in the face and it is not nearly as quiet as the SG. I suspect this is the case with other similar sized cans, the MM and Trident are close performers. HTH.