Slow Lately


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Things have been a bit slow here the past few days.
Did everyone go on vacation or it is just to hot to go to the range?
It is way to hot for me to spend any time in the shop.


I've been sweating my arse off in the garage reloading a bit. Steve paid me a visit today and we piddled in the garage for an hour or two.........and while it wasn't as hot as it has been the last few months it ain't fall weather yet.


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I typically work on projects and reload in the winter.
I would rather have to wipe my nose from the cold than be blinded by sweat...


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It's a 50/50 split for me. Aside from shooting summer is also cruise ins, rod runs and swap meet time. Just got back from a full day at the Charlotte auto fair yesterday and am wore slap out, I'm taking a ped-o-meter with me for the spring show cause I feel like I walked at least ten miles.


I went to Edisto Last weekend, then had to pick up slack for coworker on vacation(there's only 4 of us), then worked all weekend.

Busy time of year for me.