SLED process is improving


Well still waiting. Gave a call today into sled and the individual looked up my application, "thats weird" she said and forwarded me to another indvidual. Looked up and recieved 12/13/13 check cashed and cleared and system was showing a cwp # but it had not been mailed out. Confirmed my info and said she would follow up on it. Hopefully it will find its way to the mail box sometime this week.... :|


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andyb said:
My permit just showed up in the mail in 44 business days, including whatever holidays and snow/ice storm days happened since I mailed it. Took the class on Sat. 2/8, dropped in the mail on Mon.-Tues. 2/10-11 can't remember which day exactly, and just showed up in my mailbox Sat. 4/12.
Those dates mirror mine. I was counting calendar days, not business days.


131 calender days and counting :| . Called again yesterday and got the same as last time... Forwarded to some one else, " that's weird let me get to the bottom of this and I will call back..." Need less to say no call back. I have a lot of patience but this is getting ridiculous. They didn't waste any time cashing my check. BTW I have no history that would evenly be remotely questioned.


At least it sounds like that last call may have done some good even if they didn't call ya back. Glad to hear you finally got it.


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RS1200XL said:
Just took my course yesterday; sending in the package tomorrow then the wait starts....!
The lady at home just called me up and said there is a letter for me from SLED! If my counting is corrent, its around 44 working days from they day it arrived! :D


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Totally forgot to update here when mine came in lol.

Took two months exactly. They received my paperwork May 2nd and permit came in July 2nd. The lady I spoke with was polite and professional when I called a couple weeks after sending it in to make sure they received the packet.
Good news all around.

It is also interesting and relevant to note that some slave owners didn't beat their slaves and, in fact, kind of cared for them and treated them almost as equals.

Just like what's going on with SLED and SC's citizenry.


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Took SC CWP Course - 11/15/14
Mailed Application - 11/17/14
Issued - 12/18/14
Received in mail - 12/24/14
Merry Christmas to me !! :D


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They called yesterday and wanted to verify my address so they could send it out. My address is 124 ..... and they had it as 24... so they wanted me to send $10 and a change of address form and wait 3 weeks for their screw up. My address is right on my license and application so I refused to pay for it. The lady said she sees where they screwed up and said she'd fix it and mail it out. She said she'd mail it yesterday so hopefully I'll get it today or tomorrow.


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Received my permit today!!!
Took class on 11/18
Turned in application on 11/19
Permit issued on 12/16
Permit received on 12/31