Simpsonville / Greenville area for a couple of days


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I am going to be working up that way for a couple of days next week.
I am going to be working at night at least one of the days I am there so I should have some time to look around.
Where should I eat BBQ
What gun shops
What pawn shops

lafayette gregory

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Let me know when you will be in town. My office is in Downtown we can talk guns and I can give ya the lowdown on pawn/gun shops.
I do not eat meat, but Schultz knows the best BBQ places. Give him a PM. I have heard him talk about a place on Woodruff road that he likes.


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Simpsonville gun and pawn on 14 is hit and miss, they don't hav ea huge stock, but i have scored some good deals and great trades.

Other than that I like Traders on Wade Hampton in Greenville, and Allen Arms on Poinsett in greenville, Allen has an indoor range. You have to shoot their ammo and its kinda high, so I would recommend to stick a box of your own in your range back and just buy one of their boxes to keep them happy.

Go to Academy on Woodruff road, Their Ammo brand (monarch) is great and really cheap. Much more reliable than any other bargain brands, and cheaper to boot. You can sometimes get this ammo at a show or swap meet, but they are the only US distributor, so if you get it,, it was bought at an academy originally.

Greenville BBQ isn't anything to write home about, but Henry's is pretty good. There is one on Wade Hampton, and one on Woodruff rd. If you like beer, go downtown to Blue Ridge Brewing Co. They brew their own beer and its fantastic. I like the Stout and the ESB. The others are good as well.

You need anything else you call me, 864-380-9233, I love Greenville.


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Managed to eat at Henry's.
I liked the yellow sauce.

I found enough time to get by and see Silent Bob at Upstate Armory but that was about it.
I got off to a late start and wound up working until 3 AM yesterday, talk about a long day.
Maybe I will have better luck next time I am up this way.