Sights on a 1911


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I recently acquired a Springfield 1911 it has been upgraded pretty nicely.
Once the Wilson safety and slide release get here it will be done except for sights.
It currently has factory three dot sights and am thinking I want to change them to something better.
I would prefer not to have to pay for a bunch of machine work if I can avoid it.
Sooo I need to tap the brain trust for ideas.

What is out there that does not require cutting the slide.
I am not looking to cheap out.


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Was that a GI model Frost? Fixed or Adjustable? Tritium? If you want adjustable I think there is one out there that will fit a standard dovetail,but I'll have to look it up. If you get a chance stop by the shop with it so I can take another look at it.


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Frost, you can call Brownells andask to speak with one of the techs. Describe to them what your looking for and they will give you some advice on whether they have a product that will fufill your requirements. I found that all the options the have to be confusing, when I called they were very helpfull.