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I've got a few external chitosan dressings and a few combat gauze packs. The former says those allergic to shellfish should avoid using them (and the combat lifesaver courses in '05 said the same) but the newer combat gauze should be fine. I would not use the plain powders unless that was the ONLY option. The powder is exothermic and reaches triple digit temps...OUCH. Not to mention...use it in the wind and get it in your eyes...severe ocular burns/blindness. The gauze isn't exothermic and won't blind you...also great because tourniquets are only useful on extremities and Israeli pressure dressings don't get into the wound (use in conjunction with Kerlix in some cases).

Skip to :50 seconds. This is a video of a test of Quik Clot gauze being packed into severed femoral artery on a pig and how quickly the bleeding from a would-be fatal wound is stopped.

On a side note, I have not been able to get ahold of a live person and my messages haven't been returned from the local Red Cross about the availability of the free 1st Aid books. I'll see if I can find some accessible Special Forces medical handbooks for download. These are highly comprehensive and great medical references for combat care.


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if it had to be done, well it has to be done, but can you imagine the screaming in just the pig.
better than death. id like to have a bunch of it.

i live out in the sticks and you know, stuff happens. i hear some people might come to the door collecting guns they have no right to.


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armaborealis said:
Interceptor Vest (similar to police soft body armor, level II or IIIA equivalent) with ceramic SAPI plates runs around $1500...

I still have my 3-color desert Interceptor but no plates. TX ARNG never took it back after we came home. Not the most comfortable, especially when it hits 120 degrees. I may get some plates for it one of these days.


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11B3XCIB said:
What size would you need? I can shake some trees if you want.

My vest is a Large.

Sure wish I could shake some trees. Dang USAR is stingy. Supply Sgt treats everything like its his own personal stuff.


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Price updates:

Level III rifle plates with some anti-frag protection starting at $145 for the set, shipped: ... uma-plates

Plate carriers/armor carriers starting at $45 (less on auction items):

Concealable police surplus handgun/shotgun protection vests starting at <$200: ... alog.shtml

If you have more defensive weapons in your safe than trained personnel in your house, but no armor, then you're being a little silly, I think -- if your goal is to be able to win and survive a gun fight, at least. Go buy armor. If you are in that situation with excess guns, no armor, but have no spare money, sell an extra gun and buy armor for you and your family. At today's prices you could sell one spare semiauto handgun and have enough money to buy armor for you and your spouse.