Shriners/Scottish Rite ring for sale(rdeuced)


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Up for sale is a Scottish Rite/Shriners ring. It has the simitaur with a red enameled star on one side, and the double eagle on the other both in white gold. It has a small 32 on one side and the 14th degree on the other, both surrounded by black enamel in yellow gold. Underneath the double eagle is a cross engraved in the ring and enameled. Underneath the simitaur is a diamond shape with a scale inside of it engraved and enameled. It is an older ring and does show some wear, some of the enameling has come out of the two engravings(cross and diamond shape).

On top are seven very clean diamonds totaling approximately one half of a carat. The main part of the ring is 10kt yellow gold. The ring weighs 10.4 grams.

I will send fully insured with a tracking number and signature required.

I am asking $900. I am open to trades as well, guns, optics, or gold, or platinum.






Here is a shot to give some kind of size reference. I have average sized hands.