Show us those rifles!


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Weather it be a milsurp, Hunting or just your favorite rifle let's see em.

Heres one of mine a milsurp/hunting and favorite all in one, I've taken a few deer with this one. Savage made #4 Enfield.

Ritter Gottes

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Hello All!

Here's my submission.

M1 Garand, WW II Springfield Armory. Bought the stripped/barreled receiver from member PittGuy last Friday. Assembled from parts I had on hand on Sat. :D



Dirk Pitt

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The pistols were easy to pull out of the safe, so here's what I've got pictures of now.

Mauser sporterized hunting rifle no clue what caliber it is, think it's some quirky quarter inch type, CZ 527 Carbine 7.62x39 my very first gun bought it the day I turned 18 it's also probably my favorite gun I own, Russian SKS I bought off my neighbor for $300 came with that set up plus all the original furniture.

Ritter Gottes

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Here's something offbeat.

This is my Dad's HRA M1 he sporterized back in 1959. Some may call it heresy, I call it beautiful. ;)




I miss ya pop.



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Interesting rifles. The blow back is a bit annoying. Desert people wear goggles I guess. Great piece for the collection.
I have to many to show but this is my latest addition to the family. I had and helped build it up at PWS in Quantico right before i got out of the Corp.
Rem 700 L/A trued and blueprinted Chambered in 338LM
Rock Creek 338 barrel 1/10 twist, M40 contour 25"
Badger Ordnance M5 DBM
DD Ross USMC Recoil lug
Badger Ordnance 30MOA Rail
Badger Ordnance USMC 34mm Rings
Manners T4 Stock
Premier Reticles Tactical 3-15x50mm DT MTC .1Mrad Gen2 XR Reticle
Tigger set at 2lbs



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You folks have some nice looking guns. Seven62fmj, I was looking at the bipod on your 111...Is that a versa-pod? I just got my hands on the Savage 110BA in .338Lapua, and was thinking about getting the versa-pod for it. Just curious what your thoughts are on it.


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Ah the good ole Carcano. Btw Carcano roughly translated means "Can't hit the broad side of a barn." :lol: