Shout out for Dale, gunsmith @ East Coast


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Nov 9, 2011
North of North Chuck, South of Scummerville
can we do that?

i had a small caliber pea shooter for ~15 years, and it has never ran right.

it always had a FTF, FTE, FT something. if you shot more than 2 clips out of it, you were jamming & working the slide.

my wife took her CWP with it, and it jammed twice (isn't it only 50 rounds?)
so it has been good for her, to drive her to be aware of the gun, the slide, and how to clear jams.

but otherwise, it has been a fancy rock.

took it to Dale, and he cleaned it up, and did some polishing (he mentioned the chamber, IIRC).
i had polished the feed ramp to a mirror several times, with no joy, over the years.

that thing RUNS NOW!!! we put about half dozen clips thru it this weekend at my Dad's place, and it was a BLAST to have a working gun!
we used new ammo, old ammo, old reload ammo, ball ammo, blunt nose, whatever old ammo I had around just to enjoy it some.
all for the cost of a deep clean, which it needed anyways, so basically, i got it ultrasonic cleaned, and the repairs for free

and I had an old rifle (a Remington Viper .22, affectionately rumored to be "the Edsel of rifles) that the ejector breaks on (google it) :roll:

Dale said he would disassemble it, and clean it, and put the new parts in, since they are taken out to clean anyways.
that gun....did not run. it's a piece of crap. i had bought a metal clip, and it did not fit, work, feed, go in, or anything. the base plate finally came off, and the spring stuck into my palm about a 1/4 of an inch, which is not that big a deal....unto you think i had a loaded gun in the other hand, that i could not drop, and a huge Z shaped spring that went in DEEPER everytime i wiggled the gun. My Dad finally had to come get the gun, so i could get the spring out.

BUT, Dale's work was awesome, and every round that fed...fired, and ejected.
and he did that work for the price of the cleaning.

i think Dale really took care of me, and recovered one of my guns from "closet queen" status
good deal!