Shotgun for card shooting


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Has anyone here built or bought a shotgun for card shooting?

I have questions.

I am thinking I might like to build one.


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If you don't mind my asking, what's card shooting? I googled a little and found reference to the card trick and something about turkey shoots. Are you shooting playing cards?


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I had thought about that one for a while, a couple of years ago. Why not just use a Remington 870 with a Turkey or XFull choke? I kinda gave up on it since I haven't been to a turkey shoot in a couple of years.b But I think the idea is still sound.


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I was trying to decide on an 870 or a 1100.
Is there an advantage to using a fixed breach shotgun like an 870?
I have a rifle sighted barrel barrel on one of my 1100s that will accept a choke.
12 gauge has burnt most of it's powder by 12 to 14 inches so how important is barrel length past 20"?
Are optics allowed?

I was thinking in terms of a specialized choke and a Timney trigger kit and see where that got me.


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I used to win more than my share with an old Iver Johnson 16ga. single shot my grandpa gave me. I used to keep a cup of ice water sitting on the ground somewhere. I would then dip the end of the barrel into it prior to shooting just to tighten it up a little more. "No one else ever figured that one out"

What matters most is, how tight the gun can hold a pattern with the #8 cheap loads they will be using.
Followed by, having a good trigger and knowing where the most dense part of your pattern hits at 20 yards

I did most of my winning before Turkey hunting got so big time.
Now just know, you'll be up against guys that have already done thier homework with loads and chokes.

It's fun however. See what ya can come up with.


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ive only shot one turkey shoot and won. i was 8 or 9 and my mom and aunt were there. i always wondered if they fixed it for me. it was only 2 bucks to shoot.
i heard some guys talking about turkey shoots the other day. they were saying that its all fair as long as you lay your shotgun on the table for anyone else to use.
is that right?
so there is a chance of someone using a bent barrel and knows where it shoots but nobody else knows?