Shotgun Class

I have a shotgun class going on the 30th of Jan. If you are interested you can get directions and all info at Here is the info on the class.
Class Duration: 4 Hours
Class Cost: $50.00
Pre-registration is required on web site.

? Proper manipulation of the shotgun during critical encounters
? Marksmanship Fundamentals
? Patterning of the shotgun
? Engagement of single and multiple attackers
? and other life-saving fundamentals through the use of discussion,
Demonstration and live-fire application.

What to bring
? Shotgun
? 20 Slugs
? 20 Buckshot
? 50 Birdshot
? Eye and Ear protection
? Knee pads (optional)
? Hat
? Raingear (We shoot rain or shine)
? Water