short shotgun shells


I saw some short 12 gague shells at a gun show a while back. the guy who had them said they were for police and tactical use.
Does anyone have any experience with them? they look like they would be a good idea in a home defense 870 or mossberg 500. get a couple extras in the mag tube. I am particularly corious as to how well they feed and were ther any ejection issues? do you need special parts to use them? can they be uses at the same time as full 2 3/4 or 3" shells?

they look promising.



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I was just looking at some today. ... e-buckshot

I was thinking the first round in the chamber could be your current favorite then stoke the tube with the short stuff.
Then again I would expect the penetration to be less so it might be the best choice for in the house.
It sounds like it would turn a 7 shot shotgun into a 9 shot since it would add 2 on a 6 round tube.


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I have tried the Centurion brand. They functioned fine in my 870 and 500. I keep them on hand for my pistol gripped 500. The 870 is the HD gun and I keep it stoked with #9.

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Wow, those are awesome! They seem pretty cool and with the exception of semiautos they can feed any other scatterguns. Bet they will be great hor the home guard- great find!


Yes! I was hoping someone would have tried these things.
They'll probably feed in most any pupm gun then? I was afraid they would be prety much useful in a double barrel shotgun or something specially cofigured for them.

Thanx. I'll try to grab some on the next time I go to a gun show.