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I'm kind of like you, I still have components from before but I have not actually done much reloading in years.
I have been eyeing a Dillon 750 to replace or augment my 650.
It looks like the 750 is much easier to change primers from Large to Small or vice versa so I might not need both.


I'm still rocking a Lee cast iron single press. I do this so rarely I like that it makes me slow down and pay attention.


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I feel a bit left out of the party - I don't know the joys of reloading. Used to watch my dad, but now I see the bonding that he and his friends would share.


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Reloading is an extension of our hobby.
Sadly I don't think now is the time to start.
Components are in short supply.
Definately start saving your brass now though.

After things settle down and components are once again available I would suggest starting with a single station press such as a RCBS Rockchucker.
The other brands are probably as good but I have no personal experience with them.
Even if you wind up with a progressive you will still want a single station for test loads and such.

Occasionally you will find deals on lightly used reloading setups.
Not everyone loads in the volume Clicker does or I used to.

The mailman used to hate me, he had to use a hand truck to bring in my projectile orders...


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Well I don't commonly admit is but I have "some" primers and "some" powder" and a "few" projectiles.
If you get my drift...


LOL. All my stash is Obama - era - I bought mil primers and Benchmark powder when/where-ever I could find it.

For a newbie reloading (Blackbeard) the Lee kit for about $150 + their book is a good place to start. It isn't perfect, but will safely reload many many rounds and let you figure out what nicer tools you'd like to have.

If you feed NFA items like some folk here you'll NEED to reload to support the brass waterfall. Unless you're rich enough that you wouldn't be on this list - you'd have people doing that for you.


Clicker - where do you get your lead supplies? Do you own a Gerald's or something?
Almost - I have a "relationship" with a place that does fleet vehicle work and I'm allowed to grab as many of their WW's as I want. Another close friend has the same deal with another shop in town.

Currently I think between us we have something like 15 five gallon buckets of WW's and another 1500 pounds of lead fishing weights that need to be smelted into ingots and stored. Thats not counting ingots already processed & stored.