Shootzenfest 2012 Spring


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When and where will the Spring event be held?

I have a few ideas to enhance the enjoyment. here they are........everyone knows someone in some type of business, talk to them and secure some kind of door prize. For example hit up a local restaurant or store for a gift certificate or item. Maybe some of our sponsors might donate. I have a couple items myself already.

I used to belong to a club up north that did events like this and they awarded prizes for things such as the guy that traveled the farthest to get there, or the most exotic weapon, or the weapon with the largest bore (not shotgun), oldest weapon, oldest attendee, and the list goes on......
we assigned a number to each prize and folks drew numbers out of a hat and took the coinciding prize.

these are just ideas I had while waiting for my wife at the doctor's office


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Nice ideas, I'm sure some will be considered when we get bigger. As for shootzenfest the details are being worked out and will be announced soon.