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First a murder in the perkins parking lot and now a shooting at the fair. Now more reason for people to carry concealed. The spokes person from the fair said the shooting is not enough reason to put metal detectors in use next year. They will as usual have signs up keeping legit CCW holders out of the fair and do absolutly nothing to stop the thugs. Its a F*&% Shame.


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HHB Guns said:
First a murder in the perkins parking lot and now a shooting at the fair. Now more reason for people to carry concealed. The spokes person from the fair said the shooting is not enough reason to put metal detectors in use next year. They will as usual have signs up keeping legit CCW holders out of the fair and do absolutly nothing to stop the thugs. Its a F*&% Shame.
Where at?

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The murder was in summerville off trolley road and the shooting at the fair in ladson where the thug was getting made fun of by another thug so he shot him and a bystander. Both were non critical but that's not the point.

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Lol....He wasn't aiming. He had the gun turned sideways more than likely. Still five shots and lived. That boy needs to start praying.


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The "No CCW Allowed" signs are useless. The only people that follow them are the law abiding citizen. I guess sometimes I'm either a criminal or someone that can't see their stupid signs.



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HarperJt said:
The "No CCW Allowed" signs are useless. The only people that follow them are the law abiding citizen. I guess sometimes I'm either a criminal or someone that can't see their stupid signs.

Is it a compliant sign?


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On the day that we took our sons to the Coastal Carolina Fair in 2009 my buddy, Richard, and I were talking to a couple of the many Sheriff?s Deputies that were hired for security while our boys were in line for a ride. Our conversation was interrupted when they noticed a couple, obviously intoxicated, arguing loudly and they went to investigate. One of the Deputies took the woman into custody and walked her away to another location while the other Deputy stayed and was talking to the man. Suddenly the man took the Deputy in a bear hug and a struggle ensued - the bad guy was getting the better of things so I asked the Deputy if he wanted help. He said that he did so I drilled the guy like a linebacker, took him down and pinned him while the Deputy jumped on top of him and got the handcuffs on. I had a ball because I got to use my varsity wrestling skills again for the first time since I quit running night clubs in my 30s! The boys caught the end of the excitement and thought it was cool.
I tell that part of the story only to illustrate that I have always felt comfortable with a fair fight. I believe that Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor results, with (A) the way the world seems to be getting more violent and aggressive, and (B) I seem to be getting older and more out of shape each year and therefore less competent for hand to hand combat so a couple of years ago I began to exercise my 2A rights and got my CCW. Now let?s fast forward to Saturday night at the fair,
So this year, on the last Saturday that the fair was in town, as Josh and I got into the truck to go to the fairgrounds, he said to me that he hopes that he gets to see me wrestle an idiot again. I laughed and told him that trouble like that was rare and that hopefully we won?t have excitement like that this year! We met Richard and his boys there again this year and we had a great time, actually stayed later than we had planned to have the boys out. Finally we told the boys it was time to go home but they could do one more ride on the way out to the gate. We walked quickly across the park towards our gate trying to talk the boys out of the last ride (it was so damn cold!) but let them talk us into the Ferris wheel near the gate. All of a sudden I hear 2 loud pops - I said to Richard that it sounded like gunfire to me but he thought that it was firecrackers. It got us to talking about the fact that we were not happy about the CCW ban at the fair, I won?t bore you with the details of that conversation because you have heard it all before. After the boys got off of the ride we all said our goodbyes, Josh and I headed out of the closest gate, Richard and his boys headed off across the park to the gate that they came in.
We had barely gotten out of the gate when my phone rings. It is Richard and he is saying that there was a shooting and it was only about 50 yards from where we were when we heard the shots! As he described how the scene was blocked off with crime scene tape and crawling with Sheriff?s Deputys doing all of the things they have to do in the aftermath of an event like that, I got even more annoyed. I, of course, was annoyed with the fact that I had to leave my legal personal defense weapon locked in my truck in the parking lot, despite the fact that I have a Concealed Carry permit which requires that applicants pass a rigorous criminal background check and which requires us to prove all of the following: That we have no felonies; that we aren?t under indictment; that we have no history of domestic violence or mental illness; that we?re in the country legally; and that we?ve taken hours of training on the safe operation and legal usage of a firearm, on the laws involved in defense of self and property, and on methods of threat de-escalation.
I think that the Coastal Carolina Fair does an excellent job with security for the most part, there are always plenty of Deputies around, but no matter how many are there they cannot be expected to be everywhere and see everything. As I stated in the beginning I believe that I alone am ultimately responsible for the safety and security of myself and my family. I am however dismayed with the system in place which limits my ability to fulfill my responsibility to my family AND stay within the confines of the law.
We were fortunate on that Saturday night and I thank The Lord for watching over us. What happens the next time when we walk a little slower or stop to tie a shoe and it puts us in the line of fire? What kind of politician would want to be responsible for a law that would deter me from protecting my family if one of them gets hurt or killed in this kind of situation?
I am sorry for the length of this narrative & hope that I didn?t bore you to tears, but this has been bugging me since it happened.
Thanks for hearing me out! Jeff
Ok, this is going to be choppy, long winded, and hard to read. It's also, to be taken halfway hypothetically...

My family's safety is above certain signs with "recommendations" and certain laws. Now, I don't have my CWP, but I don't like doing business with places that don't allow people that have their CWP to carry on the property. I definitely feel safer in an establishment that allows people to carry.

Say I did have my CWP:

Now, there may be a certain business that doesn't allow someone to carry, but down the road their is a place that does the same type of business and accepts people that can carry. Fine, I will just use the place down the road, even if they are a tad more expensive, but what the hell, I can defend myself if a situation arises.

BUT, what if there is a business around that produces or sells a product or experience that you or your family wants or needs, and it's the only business within a reasonable driving distance. Like, entertainment at a fair. The only problem is, the establishment has "legally" placed signs condemning concealed weapons. What then? Of course, any law biding citizen that usually carries will choose to leave there defense locked in the vehicle or at home. CWP holders are SOL, or are they? I say put family first and liberal bullsh!t way down the list, even if the liberal BS is an established law.

I am not going to finish most of what I set out to type, but I hope you are getting where I am coming from with my "What If" situations.

I am not SUGGESTING anarchy or TELLING anyone to break the law. I was going to do a write up on businesses that are monopolizing a product or service that don't allow concealed weapons on it's property. That would take a few pages, lol, so I am not going to do that. Anway, they have the right, it's their property, but I think they want business more than people not to carry. If someone did carry in this situation and had to use it to protect their family, other customers, and employees, and the owners of the establishment didn't want to press charges and were pleased that you were there to save lives, would it still be breaking that law? Would the police still come and take you away if the owners say it was ok, after the fact, even though they posted "legal" signs informing customers concealed weapons were not allowed?

That was a question, as I don't really now just yet (still in the beginning stages of studying for my CWP), and something to ponder on.

For the fairground incident:
Is a fair really a good place to take your family if stuff like this is going to take place? And it does take place, alot, to my knowledge. Many would say no, and I can see why. Mostly white trash and thugs attend these things, at least from what I see when I go to the fair here in the upstate. But how far do you have to go to get entertainment like that if you decide you don't want to support the fair that doesn't allow concealed weapons? Probably the next state or farther.

I guess I am saying, it looks like when I get my CWP I am going STILL going to have to ask myself, "is this place worth going to and putting myself or my family at risk".

If yes, then, "does it allow someone to carry on the property?"

If that place condemns carrying on the property, "is there somewhere else that is within reasonable driving distance that I can get the same product or service that allows someone to carry?"

If I answer "no" then, "is the product or service worth the potential risk or trouble with "the law" if I do carry and have to use?"

Most of the time I will say "no", because I do not like breaking the law. But, my family comes before government, before law, before friends, and definitely before some liberal BS. And if my family needs to have some fun to keep sane, and the fair is the only place to do it for some reason, well then I choose to have the protection my family needs and have some fun.

This is coming from someone who doesn't not have there CWP, and has JUST started learning when a CWP holder can use a carry weapon and where it is ok to carry, so it probably sounds like I don't know what I am talking about. Plus, I am tired, I am at work, and I am heated from thinking about how stupid politicians, people in general, and the world can be.

I love this country, and its freedom, but sometimes I think it would be better if the sh!t did hit the fan and we could start over. Preferably with my in charge, kicking big government and stupid laws in the @ss, lol.



I think you're doing exactly what needs to be done about the restrictions on law abiding citizens carrying concealed.
The only reason they post the signs is because they know the socialists who are trying to disarm american citizens will show up in large (bussed in) crouds and make a political mess out of an already bad situation. They do this only to protect themselves from harrassment.

What we need to do is to harrass them when ever someone is harmed by a thug. If they have the place posted against law abiding citizens they need to feel at least as much heat from real Americans.

Unfortunately we have been busy with our families and jobs to learn to "act up" when we were youngsters. Most of us actually made a deliberate effort to stay out of trouble. The leftern socialists wear their rap sheet as a badge of honor. There are lots of intelectual types who are proud they were arrested in their youth for attending a protest over some imagined sleight like not being allowed to marry their own gender. I, personally think Gays ought to be allowed to get married. that'll teach 'em. :shock:

Anyway it wouldn't work unless we could get Fox News to cover the story. The local news outlets have all been bought up by the socialists. I often wonder where they get all their money? A lot of news outlets have been sacrificed on the alter of power. They're folding and I think they should. I think it's great if good old American market forces do them in.

Still. talk about it to as many people as you can, as often as you can and with as much sincerity as you obviously have.
It's the Chinese water torture technique. Regular people will eventually have to admit that crime is a criminal problem, not a 2nd ammendment problem.

I wish I could have been as clear as you when I went on that rant. My arguments/rants/justifications always come out jumbled and angry.

I agree, if we care about something like this we should all be voicing our concern every time the opportunity rears itself.

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There's a lot of gray area out there. I think some people are in a situation where they need to run some cost risk analysis and determine the likely hood of running into legal issues vs having to protect yourself and your family.

I live in California so my whole self defense world is a cost risk analysis...