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I recently got a pair of prescription shooting glasses.
I got a pair set up for mono-vision.
My distance vision is still pretty good so I tested to see how this would work for me by buying an inexpensive pair of readers from Wally World.
Then I popped the left lens out.
I used them a number of times and and liked the results so the next time I went to the optometrist I had her make me a pair that focuses at handgun sight distances for the right eye with the minor distance correction for the left eye.

I got the polycarbonate lens upgrade so they are true safety glasses and a yellow tint to brighten things up a bit.
I really like them.
I can now focus on the sights or the target.
It's not as good as when my eyes were younger but is much better than it was.


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Nice that you can protect your eyes AND see better at the same time.

Even if you don't get prescription lenses, always consider wearing eye (and ear) protection.

I've had three cases where eye protection prevented a potentially serious injury.

1) A .22 case exploded in the chamber while out of battery when I was rapid firing a Ruger 10/22. The case rim came off and struck my glasses while the powder burned off a portion of my right eyebrow. Yes, I looked silly for a few weeks but my eye was undamaged.

2) I was firing a Yugoslavian Mauser with Turkish surplus ammo and the case ruptured on firing. Powder and flash came back into my face. After the WTF? moment had passed I realized I was fine, as was the rifle. After a check of everything, I went back to shooting (got to love that Mauser action).

3) While unloading a round after a "Range Cold" shout out, I had powder fly into my face when the bullet stayed in the breech while the case ejected. While not serious, it could have caused me problems due to my contact lens.

All three instances were prevented from injury by a pair of cheap plastic shooting glasses.


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Anyone who shoots without safety glasses is an accident waiting to happen.
Prior to these I used bifocal safety glasses.
I had several pair I got from WW Grainger.
Very reasonable in price.
The optic quality is not as good as a "real" pair of glasses but great for what they are.

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