Sherwin williams on Wade Hampton


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Sherwin Williams has posted "no concealable weapons" notice that looks to be large enough to be a legal posting.
If its close enough to have to get the tape measure out, ya better not get caught in there packing heat.

Now, I'm going to have to start all over with my paint number scheme over at Benjamine. Darn hate that!


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Must not be all Sherwin Williams cause I don't recall seeing a sign on the store here in Spartanburg.


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All of them I have checked in the GSP area are posted and compliant. Or, close enough to be compliant that the intent was to be compliant. I have been to the stores in simposonville, off woodruff road(near publix), on HWY 14, wade hampton, and TR. I spoke to one manager and he said it was corporate policy and he had no power to do anything. I bought paint at lowes.

Sherwin Williams paint is Garbage anyway, they use a Vinyl Acetate Copolymer for their lower grade paints and it's extremely water sensitive. When there was a raw material shortage a couple years ago they sent out paint that was chunky and had grit in it. They are hell to deal with. On a supplier side I wouldn't touch them. As a homeowner I have used them once because my wife picked out a color they had and I will NEVER use it again. She knows about the paint quality and their Anti-2A stance and knows better than to go in the store. From a chemical company side the paints that get consistently the best ratings are Behr and Valspar. They are made with better polymers, are more consistant, and better able to carry the diluted pigments.


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Hm It's been a year or so since I've been there, They're the only ones that carry Ospho in the area. Guess I'll have to check next time I'm near the store in Spartanburg,

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Compliant sign in Rock Hill. I was shopping for loads of paint (by the 5-gallon size) and saw their sign. I turned right around and left. Too bad for them....



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thebrasilian said:
Write a letter to the store manager.
Hell with that!
Store Manager can't do a dang thing but follow orders; It's not their fault and they have no choice in the matter!

Write the Corporate pukes. The lawyers came up with this over a year ago. I was providing locksmith services to their stores and refused any work from them when I was informed it was going to happen.

I did write a letter, but one in a bucket don't matter.

One store here did cut a legal sign in half in order to cover two doors. Obviously that made it a unlegal post BUT I still will refuse to do business with them. I don't want their money anymore than they want mine!


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The one is North Charleston is compliant so beware.
All entry doors have proper signage.
There are a couple of delivery (bay) doors but they are normally shut and are not personnel entry doors.


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when a store posts a sign they don't get any of my money,can they protect me from harm while i'm in there store?no so i don't go in them


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when a store posts a sign they don't get any of my money,can they protect me from harm while i'm in there store?no so i don't go in them

and would you trust them if they were packin to protect you? nope. I know how I shoot not how they do...and I've seen some pretty bad shooters...