Shared with thew guys at Carolina Shooters Forum


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I posted there...but, for some reason that escapes me, my post came up twice...

I am probably in trouble over that ...They bitch at me all the time because I bend their rules...even when I didn;t know they had rules like that...



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Be glad they just fuss at you. They attacked me and then banded me for mistakenly violating one of their rules. Funny how they talk like John Wayne until you call them on it then they cry like little girls if you ask them to dicuss it like a man.
Happily banned from Carolina cry babbies


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lafayette gregory said:
Schultz said:
Greg how come it's marked "other" ? Is there not a SC listing?
There was not a catagory marked "everyone".
I would have marked it SC to avoid confusion but some of them will understand. :lol:

Frost said:
They don't like me either.
I can't go into details because I am the admin here.
Aw come on do tell, Heck I know I've pissed in their corn flakes on several occasions. We're even breaking the rules now. :mrgreen: