Senate tables attempts to remove gun bans from bill


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according to the morning paper, the senate passed a version which gives discretion to a judge to determine whether or not to take guns away from CDV offenders. I don't know whether that pertains when they are "charged" or when they are "convicted". I would bet, when charged because that is the most likely time for something to happen, right after they are released on bail and set off looking for the complainant.


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I may know more if I would dig deeper, but I'm wondering what happens to the guns during that period. Would the accused get them back if found innocent? I kinda doubt it; they are probably "destroyed."

Furthermore, I see this new law could get easily abused by vindictive spouses.

And how about this... if there is a case of accused CDV, can the accuser (spouse) keep a firearm in the house, being as they usually share a residence? So now the victim of the CDV is defenseless?