semi auto


I see a lot of semi auto hand guns recommended over revolvers, whether it is s&w, glocks or rugers, etc . when it comes to shot guns it is pumps over semi auto. why??? I own a Remington 1100 & a skb, don't remember ever having a failed to fire or cycle as long as there was ammo in it. I will continue to use my semi auto shot gun until they fail me, also will not be getting rid of my revolvers.


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The thought is the self defense use of the shotgun deters intruders...while that might be true, if they are already in...they are in and committed to doing whatever they intended to do in the first place.


seems like an apples to oranges argument. the revolver vs semi auto debate in the hand guns seem to be capacity over power.... In a shot gun situation your not getting any more capacity in semi vs auto nor power. It does come down to cost. I am assuming a 870 is a bit cheaper than an 1100 and also easier sell. Also as blackbeard pointed out that whole racking the slide thing... I have a benelli super nova, would have got the SBE II but $