Selling my Glock 19


I am going all Ruger and am selling my Glock 19 to raise funds for a Ruger SR40c.

My Glock is less than one year old, in excellent condition and has been used as my CC weapon for about 8 months. I keep all my weapons clean and oiled appropriately. I have the original box, user's manual and everything that came with the gun when purchased new from a local gun shop. I also am including two extra magazines and an Uncle Mike's IWB holster.

$400 cash and I live in the Clinton area.



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Did you get my pm? It said sent successful, but is still showing up in my outbox, not sure if it is supposed to or not


Have agreed to sell gun to member who pm'd me. I will keep the other responses in case this deal falls thru. Thanks for everyone's interest. Hope to see everyone Saturday at Philson's Crossroads.