Self Defense tales told and re-enacted


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"CRIMESTRIKE is a bold new television series in which everyday citizens give true, first hand accounts of having been legally armed and ready to defend themselves when great threat came suddenly into their lives.
These are people who found themselves face to face with sudden evil and who stood up to defend themselves and their family, their home and place of business. These are the stories of those who refused to be a victim."

They have a Youtube channel with all of their episodes, but their Facebook page groups them all together, unlike their Youtube channel, which has other shows thrown in there too.

Here's their youtube channel:

Here's their website, it has a few videos on it as well:

You'll want to go full screen to get the full effect, it's a great series.


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Enjay said:
I meant to post something earlier but got caught up in watching them LOL
These are really interesting, thank you for sharing. this is my favorite so far.

lol, universal sign that your screwed... *sound of loading a shotgun shell into the chamber*

My favorite is the one with the Pawn Shop owner from GA. It shows how important practicing something like the Tueller Drill is:


"I new then that it was time to break leather and take care of business."

"You're gettin' ready to call Jesus in a minute!"

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Thanks for the link! I just watched the first one, The Pharmacy, and it was great. Now to watch the other ones...