'Second Hand Lions'



I missed this movie when it first came out but saw it recently. Gotta love Robert Duvall in anything. Two old bachelors live alone in the country and, ahem, have a strong belief in their second amendment rights, ahem, koff, koff.
Great story, great actors.

5 Thumbs up,


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I saw that movie a few years ago and it was hilarious. They sure didn't like salesman very much. :lol:


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Absolutely loved this movie.

very touching, and funny at the same time

"She went out with her boots on!"


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Took my father in law to see it at the theater. He's an old West Texan. He lost it when, at the end, the local cop said "They died with their boots on." Great movie and very touching. Everyone in todays modern life should take something away from that movie.


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I have it on DVD and introduced a lot of family and friends to it, somehow it got overlooked in the theaters, but is still a very good story even after a few years. Had a get-together last year and we ended up selecting that movie to watch again. Even the younger members of the audience enjoyed it once they settled in to the story.

The yacht in the farm pond was a bit over the top ;-) but the overall story development, and the way it made you grow to like the two old codgers was well done. Robert Duval had the lesson all boys need to hear before they become a man... Classic fight in the country store where he put the young men to shame..

Definitely 5 thumbs up!