SCACA Greenville Gun Show Buzz


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OK, so we have the SCACA Gun Show coming up this weekend in Greenville. What's the buzz? Who has deals on their tables? What's on everyone's list to buy, sell, or trade? Hot new items to look for?
I'll Be there bright and early Saturday morning! I'm really just looking, always hoping to add another mosin to the collection!

Red Hat

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I always go early on Saturday morning. I'll be riding around on my wheelchair wearing a black USAF Retired ball cap. Hopefully I can find some 03A3 stock hardware and a handguard for a project rifle I'm working on.


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It was real busy this morning, I did manage to grab some stocking stuffers for my girls(Mace Keychains) and picked up a spare mag for my stainless 1911. I had my Palmetto Shooters Forum shirt on and the only one that spotted it was Bob at Upstate Armory.

Stan in SC

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I went yesterday(Saturday) morning.There were LOTS of attendees and lots of vendors with lots of stuff to drool over.
I managed to sell the rifle I took and bought some gun powder for reloading.
I saw Bob from Upstate Armory and Red Hat was tooling around in his chair.Good to see friends.
SC Gun Co.(Darrell) was going full speed and he sold every rifle he took with him.Tomorrow he's bringing more stock from his shop.It's great to have a great product at a great price.
I saw mucho mucho good deals and lots to look at.

Stan in SC