SC Upstate Breakfast. 1-21-12

Well folks, I think it's time for another upstate breakfast. The last one was such a hit, let's do it again. I propose January 21, 2012. The last one was at the Waffle House in Clinton, but it's come to my attention that they are anti-gun so they don't want our money. Any other suggestions?

BTW, we picked Clinton because it looked like it was convenient for those from The upper west third of the state. Maybe we should do it closer to Greenville?


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I'd be up for that! I've been in IHOP carrying however after the shooting not long ago I'm not sure if they are still ok with it or not, However IHOP is franchised so it might be up to the individual owner.

BTW if it's a nice day I might drive my 32(see avatar). :mrgreen:
I can find nothing about IHOP's corporate policy but do know there are a few specific locations that are anti. Starbucks is good to go.


Don't forget to vote in the SC Primary! It's on the same day this breakfast is planned, January 21st. My wife and I are gong to see about voting before we come to the breakfast. If we can't then we may afterwards, as we have some babysitters. :D

Don't forget, your right to bear arms is infringed in SC while at your designated voting area, as it's against SC law to carry there. :evil:


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John Canuck said:
I'm down for Starbucks. Lets say this one at 8:00 on Jan 21, 2012.

657 Fairview Road
Simpsonville, SC 29680

Looks like I can make this. Looking forward to meeting some folks!

Anyone planning on doing some outdoor shooting after breakfast, that a feller might tag along?

Stan in SC

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I have to vote and then attend a shoot sponsored by my military collecting and shooting club so I will not attend.

Stan in SC