SC House Passes Bill Allowing Concealed Guns in Restaurants,

Virginia passed a similar law that took effect on July 1, 2010. An analysis of Virginia State Police crime data by the Richmond Times-Dispatch found that major crimes involving guns at bars and restaurants that serve alcohol decreased by 5.2 percent in the first year after the law took effect.
This is true. I'm very proud of all the work done by VCDL to make this happen. I spent several hours in the general assembly lobbying for this (while open carrying I might add :) ) with hundreds of other gun owners.

I was out in restaurant on the first night it took effect in VA and managed to resist the urge to go on a drunken murder spree.


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AzogSS said:
Good to know!
I agree! It's good to know that John can avoid drunken murdering sprees...oh, wait, what? LOL
Does anyone know when this will go before the senate?
Obviously I was joking :cool:

There was no temptation despite the continued assertions by the antis (and some gun owners) that carrying a gun into Chili's or TGIF reduces one's resistance to mix their gun with a giant pitcher of Margaritas turning one into a slobbering, drooling imbecile unable to control even the basic functions. Restaurants will turn into the wild west, bla bla bla :roll:

Anyway, this bill will likely get stuck in the Senate like the other effort. Senator Knolls is no friend to gun owners. This should be remembered at election time.



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Of course you were joking, who would want to mix any drinks with a gun? The gun oil would taste nasty, and think of the cleaning you'd have to do to keep the gun in working order!
All kidding aside, what can we do to get this passed? Think a letter writing campaign would work? As much as I really enjoy the restaurants where we can CC, it's getting old having to stick to the same restaurants all the time.
I think it's a good idea to write your reps about all the bills you are in favor of or oppose. I've already sent mine off, but encourage others to do so as well. I've asked every member of the Senate Judiciary Commitee to see that this gets a vote, and to vote for it.