SC Gun Rights Website is up


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Since Grassroots is still under court order to not operate, some of the members created a web site to help keep people up to date on important 2nd amendment issues in SC. Most of it will mainly be legislature related. It's just getting started, but, hopefully, it will supplement all the communications that Grassroots would be sending out about what's going on, since Grassroots legally can't.


Thanks, these shenanigans only highlight one of the the intents of the second ammendment which is an individuals right to own and bear arms to protect themselves from their government.

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Take this for what it is worth: This new website proudly announces that GOSC (Gun Owners of South Carolina), the official NRA affiliate "...has run itself into the ground..." As the membership chair (and the wife is the Exec Secretary) I can assure you that this is totally false.

GOSC is alive and well, as other posts here at PSF will attest.