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Hey guys,

If I am 9mm qualified in let's say by the USAF. What other requirements would I need to fulfill to get my CWP, or would I still have to go through the complete course? Some people that I've spoken with claim all I need to do is file the paperwork, and others say the qualification is worthless. Any info would be appreciated.


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You have to have 50 rounds and a holster for your gun. The whole thing is not how accurate with the gun, it is gun control...As you shoot, you will get better. You must show that you have the weapon in your control at all times,saftely...

I think that the target requirement when I took the course was 45 out of 50 on the paper...


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I had a 3029 military firing report in the coast guard and that met the requirement. You just have to send in your qualification letter on the 9mm along with an application and $50. Do not take a course and waste money. Call sled to make sure they still do it that way but my buddy just did the same thing less than 6 months ago and he got his permit 3 months ago.

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biganimal said:
my son was a cop and he still had to do the entire course

I am a deputy as well and they wouldnt accept that but they would accept my military shooting qualification.

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I just called a CWP instructor and he confirmed it. Read below in bold. I know for a fact that Coasties do it all the time. I am sure that air force handgun courses meet the same requirements.

23-31-210 SC LAW

(5) ?Proof of training? means an original document or certified copy of the document supplied by an applicant that certifies that he is either:

(a) a person who, within three years before filing an application, has successfully completed a basic or advanced handgun education course offered by a state, county, or municipal law enforcement agency or a nationally recognized organization that promotes gun safety. This education course must be a minimum of eight hours and must include, but is not limited to:

(i) information on the statutory and case law of this State relating to handguns and to the use of deadly force;

(ii) information on handgun use and safety;

(iii) information on the proper storage practice for handguns with an emphasis on storage practices that reduces the possibility of accidental injury to a child; and

(iv) the actual firing of the handgun in the presence of the instructor;

(b) an instructor certified by the National Rifle Association or another SLED approved competent national organization that promotes the safe use of handguns;

(c) a person who can demonstrate to the Director of SLED or his designee that he has a proficiency in both the use of handguns and state laws pertaining to handguns;

(d) an active duty police handgun instructor;

(e) a person who has a SLED certified or approved competitive handgun shooting classification; or

(f) a member of the active or reserve military, or a member of the National Guard who has had handgun training in the previous three years.
SLED shall promulgate regulations containing general guidelines for courses and qualifications for instructors which would satisfy the requirements of this item. For purposes of subitems (a) and (b), ?proof of training? is not satisfied unless the organization and its instructors meet or exceed the guidelines and qualifications contained in the regulations promulgated by SLED pursuant to this item.


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It has always been 70%
In the black, you don't even have to put them in the scoring rings.
Some people that took the class with me were sweating the count.