Savage Switchbarrel Tools


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May 14, 2011
Just wanting to offer something to help the PSF Community that have the mechanical aptitude and enjoy turning wrenches. Especially the ones that are comfortable with doing their own low-level technical work.

I have an action vise and barrel nut wrench for working on Savage/Stevens 10 and 110 based actions. Savage actions are headspaced using a nut and it makes barrel changes easier than other styles of rifles that require barrel machining and chamber finish reaming after installation.

If you've assembled an A/R, you'd probably get a kick out of customizing a Savage or Stevens action or upgrading to a new/more accurate barrel. Shilen, Criterion, Pac-Nor, McGowan, and other barrel manufacturers make pre-fit Savage Barrels with custom twists, chamber, etc..

I've invested in the tools, and even have the Go/No Go gauges for the 308 family of cartridges (243, 260, 7mm08, 308) and have the Go/No Go Gauges for the 300 AAC Blackout so if you ever get a desire to give it a try, I'd be glad to assist.