Savage BTV 17 HMR Rifle Thumbhole Lam Stock $600


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Thumbhole Laminated (3-Color Camo Brown, Green, Grey) Stock Variant with Accu-trigger and blued action and heavy barrel (Brown Laminate 2-color stock goes for $335-370 on GB)
Probably has between 100 and 200 rounds through the Barrel. I should still have the original box and paperwork in storage.

4.5-14 x 42mm AO Matte Finish Burris Fulfield Scope with Ballistic Plex Reticle (approx $299 New from Midway)
w/ 1" Rings

21 x 50 round Boxes (1050 Rounds) of CCI Speer 17 Gr TNT Ammunition (Approx $8-10/box Retail)
2 x 50 round boxes (100 Rounds) of Hornady VMax 17 Gr Ammunition (Approx $8-10/box Retail)
1150 rounds total

Pictures below...





Looking for $600 F-T-F in Charleston/Berkeley/Dorchester area - feel free to make offers in PM but this is already priced reasonably.

I am willing to remove the scope if needed, so will look at offers of the gun with ammo only (I'll leave rings with the gun too)

The ammo must be sold with the gun, unless someone makes an offer for it outright.

Arrangements can be made F-T-F in the rest of SC if its possible to meet halfway. Out of state, requires buyer compensation for all additional charges incurred S/H and Fees.

May consider some trades, but cash is definitely preferred. (Interested in moving up to some Class 3, NFA toys.. SBR A/R Lower, Suppressors, Etc.)




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Re: Savage BTV 17 HMR Rifle Thumbhole Lam Stock - UPDATE

Willing to remove the scope and sell just the Gun amd Ammunition for $400 F-T-F