Salt Water / Coastal Fishing


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Just wondering, since there seems to be so many low country members on here, if anyone else enjoys salt water fishing as much as I do. I don't get as many opportunities to go as I use to but if any one ever puts together an outing down on the coast you can count me in if I have enough notice. While I enjoy fishing of any nature and I really love fly rod fishing I have always had a deep love of off shore fishing, I guess it come from never knowing what you might reel in. I lived in Hawaii for a number of years while in the Army and I got hooked over there. I usually make my summer pilgrimage to the beach (North Myrtle because my cousin has a place there that I get free) and try to get in as much as I can afford but I don't do the head boats so most of what I do is inlet and some surf fishing......If I was not so old and fat I would have gotten a canoe or kayak by now for the inlets, maybe this year will be the year.

Anyway just thought I would open up the conversation, or not, depending on the response it might be a one post thread...ah well. Happy 2010 by the way.


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hell, i don't fish but i'll go just for the coastal party time. you talking gulf stream or just standing in the surf throwing a rod? either one i don't care, i'll drink beer and cut fate :D