Sale or trade a handgun?


I was recently convinced by my local gunshop owner, an avid Glock fan, that I should try the Ruger SR9c-that it shoots better than a glock. Well, it may not for everyone, but I just love the Ruger. Now, I have been wanting something in .40 and am told I would probably love the SR40c which does not have a strong recoil. Since I don't really need two 9mm and prefer a .40 to go with my 9mm, I would like to sale or trade in my Glock 19, less than a year old. My question is, would it be better to just try to sale the Glock outright to an individual, gun shop or pawn shop or to try and use the Glock as a trade in for the Ruger SR40c? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.



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All of the above would be my answer. Check the recommended price new for the gun and adjust depending on how much use you have on your Glock. Then speak to your favorite gun shop about what they'd give you in trade. If the number is lower than you think it should be list the pistol here and on Arms List and Gun Listings. See if you get any bites.

Pawn shops will low ball you to death. They need a huge markup and a Glock is a gun they know the price of well. They will want at least $100 profit when they sell.

And just to comment on your choice: I've tried both and would take the SR9C as well as I dislike the extraction on the Glock. That said, loading and cocking the SR9C feels like wrestling a squirrel.


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To are going to lose every time you try to sell or trade with anyone that resales guns. They are going to make a profit off yor gun, so, you pay that profit...

Your best bet is to try to sell the gun yourself first..

Try the For Sale Forums on here and other places that are free...If you have any questions about selling yourself, just ask away. I buy, sell, and trade all the time.

You can also talk to Henry at HHB guns. He has a listing service for He charges a fee and then he list your gun. It is painless, and, with him being an FFL, you know it will be done legally...

Hope I have helped you with a few ideas...

One last thing. I will always remember what I was told by one gun store...."We never allow more than $300.00 for any plastic gun"......even though I bought it from them and paid $600.00 a few months earlier...

I learned a valuable lesson about plastic guns then...



Sell it to an individual.Most pawn shops will offer 37% of its value.At most,but not all gun shops be ready to be offended at what you are offered on trade value.