Saiga Conversion


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Heres an example of the Saiga conversions were doing at the shop. I'm not really the shotgun type, but they're fun to do and look cool as hell.


Nice shotgun Halfcocked. I am looking for info on how to legally use the 20 round drums and 10 round stick mags in as close to stock configuration as possible. As I understand 922r, meaning I don't, it appears that had I not had the threaded barrel then I wouldn't have to make any changes to get below 10 import parts. I am wondering that if I have the threaded tip removed if I would then be compliant and need no further alterations. The ATF hasn't yet anwsered my email with this question.

Midnight Raver

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Good question, somebody around here most likely has answers for you on that. I know the same topic has come up on AKs a while back.

Nice Saiga there, Halfcocked! Was that just something you guys built up for sale or for a specific customer? Either way, that shotgun sure would most anybody happy- I certainly know I would be! :mrgreen:

Glock 17L

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Do you leave the bolt hold open device intack or remove it??
I've seen a few of these before & with the factory style hammer/trigger & trigger guard moved forward they are much nicer than they are as they come..
Is that an Ace Folder Stock??
Looks [email protected]!
Another AK Lover

BTW My buddy has a few of these & they do shoot sweet..


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Frost has a couple Saigas. He has converted one of them. You can see the converted one in the Shootzenfest videos...with the 20 round drum being emptied...



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Midnight Raver, I put this one together for a customer. I've been trying to talk the boss into building one for the shop

Glock 17L, That is an ACE stock with the folding mechanism. I keep the bolt lock in but I modify it slightly so the spring on it will stay put. I also move the trigger group and grip forward utilizing a tromix fire control group,a new trigger guard and Houge grip. Of course I touched up the finish on the bottom also. The quadrail is a UTG and fits like a charm with no modification needed.


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What do you do to keep that spring in place?
Installing it is a giant pain in the butt.

Both of my Saigas are converted and running well now.
I do still need a flash hider for the folding stock one.
What would be really nice is a barrel with a total length of 18" including flash hider.
I have not been keeping up, is anyone making custom barrels for the things yet?


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I cut a notch on the top of the lever with a file and bend the tail of the spring slightly. I made a little tool to help pull the spring in place. Basicly I took a paper clip and twisted a loop on one end, I use it to pull the tail of the spring in place then slide it off the end of the tail.


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I put the notch on mine.
Did not bend the spring though.
I have been passing a piece of fishing line through the spring to pull it down.
It works but you really kind of need three hands.

Making your own tools is a sure sign of a pro.


i did a saiga 12 conversion a few years back. i used my AK building tools to just slap rivets in the holes from the conversion and reused the old triggerguard with proper rivets as well. i like the look more then screws. i refinished it in molyresin flat black like most of my guns.

its changed a bit since the pics though. i got one of those MD arms adjustable gas plugs and a couple surefire 8rnd mags and a md arms drum.