Safety Glasses


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I have been shooting for more years than some of you have been alive.
I have had all sorts of malfunctions with firearms and have seen people do some stupid things.
But in all those years I have never had a pistol fire out of battery.

This past week I was at the range and was shooting a Taurus 22 pistol and I believe it happened to me.
I could not find the fired case but the one still in the magazine is burnt looking on the slug.

I had it up in a close firing position and when it happened I felt pinpoint burns all about my eyes and cheeks.
I have a couple of speckles on my first time out shooting glasses.
I should put the glasses on a plaque with the word Thanks under it.

I am not saying what happened would have blinded me but it would not have been pleasant.
The moral of this story is;
Wear your safety glasses!


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This is something I need to start doing...I really don't like wearing glasses of any kind, but, we really need to be whan we are shooting...

My old Nagant throws a lot of sparks, and, the Cowboy loads from my .44 mag. throws lots of junk...

AL...start bitching at me when I don;t have them on...



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Wow glad your ok! I've had an interesting experience with an Enfield once. The case blew and when your up on it firing the blow hole is pretty much right in front of you. My glasses got a little of it when it happened and had I not been wearing them it would have got in my eyes, I've been a believer in glasses ever since.