S&W Nightguard 310


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S&W 310 10mm, this uses full moon clips and can also fire 40 s&w.

I have been giving serious consideration to picking one of these up. I like the idea of cheap practice with 40s&w and using 10mm for carry. Question I have is with the barrel length being 2 3/4" will there be any real difference in velocity/power between the two? Or will it just be extra muzzle blast/flash with the 10mm ?

Red Hat

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I like the looks of the 310. I just need to see how it feels and in 10mm it makes me want to check one out. Maybe Jay will get one in soon! ;)


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While I can't say for sure about 10mm in a short barrel I can say I have a model 19 2 1/2 that I would not consider carrying with 38 special in it.
Heck if nothing else I will set them on fire...
Just kidding.

I would expect there to be some loss on both and for the 10mm to win out even with a short barrel.
We should do some testing at the fall shootzenfest.
Several people on the forum have chronographs.


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S&W 310 This thing would be a real wrist breaker in 10mm.
I think it would do the job in any case. Beautiful gun if you ask me.

I remember seeing Frost fire his model 19 in his driveway, there was a fireball te size of a basketball. if he missed his target he'd roast him. :lol: