S&W knives


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A very good friend of mine ( No, it was not me. :lol: ) has found himself in a quandary. It seems that one night a few years ago he got slightly inebriated and ordered some knives... several times :oops: . He was surprised when they showed up at his house several weeks later. Unable to send them back, he put them away and forgot about them for 8 or 9 years. He found them while moving and asked if I might know anyone who would be interested in purchasing them. He would like to sell them all as a package deal but will consider individual purchases. He has 11 of the 630's and 9 of the 650's would like to get 10.00 each plus shipping or a FTF.
Thanks in advance for looking.

PS: These are Chinese not USA. The sheath is very sturdy. I'm getting one for my wife to use as a paring or boning knife.