S&W Bodyguards

Has anyone had the misfortune of buying a Bodyguard 380 or 38? I was going to recommend this to my students, however a couple of gun shops told me about problems. So, I called S&W today to get the scoop, if they would tell me. Talked to a guy in Customer Relations and I couldn't believe what he told me. Yes, we are having some issues. You have to understand the revolver is using a new design to move the cylinder. And we're having some issues with the laser. I asked him what kind of issues. he says, well it's a cheap laser, not like a Crimson Trace. Then this guy says, would you buy a car that just comes on the market for the first time or would you wait a year till the bugs are worked out. Imagine this guy working for you and basically he's saying the product you are producing is junk. Can't believe he told me the truth. Needless to say I won't be recommending this guy to any students. Don't believe me, call S&W like I did and ask questions.
I was thinking this would have been a good back up. But I heard they need to work some more bugs out of it. I also heard thru Allen Arms that the Blackdimonds .380 are falling apart.