S&W 629


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I like it....

I have a 29-3 that a lots of folks here have shot...It is a great gun. I love shooting .44 Specials in mine...till you want the real power of a .44 Mag...

I'm excited about it! action feels SUPER smooth and it's very comfortable in my hands

I've never owned anything this "big" as far as handguns go so I'm super excited about it

Anyone have any good ammo recommendations for target shooting? possibly self protection in the woods?


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Like I said before the .44 Specials are the best for target shooting...

If you talk to Jeff at P-1 Ammo. He has been working up some self-defense loads. He used my .44 to test with. He has some great prices on loads clear up too 300 grain "bad boy" stuff...

Thanks Steve for the info!

And since it's broken, I guess I better keep it...would hate to send out a broken gun that you couldnt enjoy! :lol:

Scott J

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This 629 Classic was my third (or 4th if I bought the Ruger Mark II before it. I can't remember) gun.

When I was much younger and thinner it was a regular CCW piece for me: