Runaway Bay Restaurant (Jamaican in Charleston)


Sep 14, 2011
Just figured I'd post my review of this place here. I had tried Jamaican cuisine while I was in Atlanta and figured I'd try to track down a Jamaican place after I got back home. There's only two in the Charleston area and Runaway Bay seemed to be the preferred choice.

I have to say, I really liked the place. Its a little pricey for dinner (lunch prices look a bit better), but worth it. I had jerk chicken, peas and rice, and fried plantains. Everything was excellent. The atmosphere and decor inside is great too. Its in an old house beside the river. Good view and the interior is really nice. Just be aware that the bar is downstairs and the interior seating for the restaurant is upstairs, so you'll need to go upstairs and wait to be seated. Its also kinda hidden away near a lot of old closed down buildings (part of the old naval base I believe) so it feels like you're going into a ghost town driving there, but once I arrived the place was plenty busy and the clientele didn't appear too worrying.

If you like Jamaican food or just want to try it, I'd highly recommend trying it out!