Ruger New Vaquero 45 with Trail Boss

Para Cassatt

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I just started trying to develop some loads that will shoot to Point Of Aim using various cast and swaged bullets with Trail Boss. I have used Oregon Trail's 255 gr. SWC(.452"), Speer's 250 gr. LSWC(.452") and Hornady's 255 gr. LRN(.454"). The powder charges have ranged from 5.0 grs. to 5.5grs. with 5.2 & 5.3 grs. seeming to keep POI with POA. The Hornady bullet appears to be the leader in accuracy in my limited experiments to date but I hope to find better loads with the .452" bullets soon.
Have any members had much luck with similar loads?


Can't say I've tried TB in the 45 Colt yet but did load a few rds of 44 Special along with some subsonic 308 last week.

While the 308's ran a bit fast at 1200FPS they were very quiet with 10 to 10.5 grains under a 150 grain bullet.

The 44 specials were sweet. Trying to duplicate some cowboy action loads and I think I've found a keeper. Load uses a 240LSWC/HP from a Lyman mold over 4.0 grains of Trail Boss.

Problem is I don't own a 44 revolver so I had to shoot them in my Marlin lever gun with a 20" barrel. Nice and soft they clocked around 725 FPS. Should be a powder puff load thru a 4" to 6" barrel.

Didn't do any real accuracy work yet simply fired them to ensure function.


Thans for the info on Trail Boss. I have been thinking about trying some, but I have a LOT of Unique.


my experience with trailboss has not been good. I used three different powder measures and none would throw consistent weights. so I reverted to the tedious procedure of powder dipper combined with trickler to achieve the desired weight. after a range session I have decided that TB is not worth the extra work. I have returned to the tried n true powders such as 2400, unique, & bullseye.