Ruger New Vaquero 45 with Trail Boss

I just started trying to develop some loads that will shoot to Point Of Aim using various cast and swaged bullets with Trail Boss. I have used Oregon Trail's 255 gr. SWC(.452"), Speer's 250 gr. LSWC(.452") and Hornady's 255 gr. LRN(.454"). The powder charges have ranged from 5.0 grs. to 5.5grs. with 5.2 & 5.3 grs. seeming to keep POI with POA. The Hornady bullet appears to be the leader in accuracy in my limited experiments to date but I hope to find better loads with the .452" bullets soon.
Have any members had much luck with similar loads?


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Can't say I've tried TB in the 45 Colt yet but did load a few rds of 44 Special along with some subsonic 308 last week.

While the 308's ran a bit fast at 1200FPS they were very quiet with 10 to 10.5 grains under a 150 grain bullet.

The 44 specials were sweet. Trying to duplicate some cowboy action loads and I think I've found a keeper. Load uses a 240LSWC/HP from a Lyman mold over 4.0 grains of Trail Boss.

Problem is I don't own a 44 revolver so I had to shoot them in my Marlin lever gun with a 20" barrel. Nice and soft they clocked around 725 FPS. Should be a powder puff load thru a 4" to 6" barrel.

Didn't do any real accuracy work yet simply fired them to ensure function.


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Thans for the info on Trail Boss. I have been thinking about trying some, but I have a LOT of Unique.


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my experience with trailboss has not been good. I used three different powder measures and none would throw consistent weights. so I reverted to the tedious procedure of powder dipper combined with trickler to achieve the desired weight. after a range session I have decided that TB is not worth the extra work. I have returned to the tried n true powders such as 2400, unique, & bullseye.

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